Production and repair services

Machining with the use of conventional devices:

  • milling machine UWF4,
  • lathe Sinus 330/2000,
  • multiradial drilling machine R60,
  • boring machine BO 130 (table load capacity up to 10t.).

Steel surfaces cleaning by shot blasting in a 5.9m x 3.9m x 2.9m chamber.

Paint coating in a painting and drying booth with the dimensions 14m x 3.9m x 2.9m by spraying with airless spraying device – it is possible to paint elements of large dimensions – it has a drying function (temp. up to 80°c), which shortens painting to a large extent, and at the same time improves the quality of the paint coating.

Metal plates cutting with a plasma/gas cutter equipped with 2000 x 6000 mm table and a bevel head.

We offer:

  • plasma cutting of plates up to 35 mm thick.
  • gas cutting of plates up to 150 mm thick.

Welding any steel constructions and aluminium welding.

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