The European Medal

On 4 June 2014 at the 25th edition of a competition organised by the BCC AZIS Mining Service Sp. z o. o. received the European Medal for the container nitrogen generator WA-700.

The black diamond

On 15 November 2013 The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Rybnik Industrial District awarded “The Black Diamond” to AZIS Mining Service Sp. z o. o. for introduction of modern and innovative solutions and technologies for mining industry in cooperation with science and research units, creating stable and good working and remuneration conditions for employees, export to The Czech Republic and great commitment to charity, social and cultural activity.

The Cesar of Silesian Business

On 31 August 2014 the company received “The Cesar of Silesian Business 2014” as the winner of the competition for the leader of Silesian business organised by the Katowice Lodge of the BCC.

BCC Recommendation

AZIS – Mining Service Sp. z o.o. received a recommendation of the Business Centre Club on 6 July 2014

Certification of Conformity og Welding Processes with Quality Requirements

The certification of conformity of welding processes with quality requirements in welding technology confirming meeting PN-EN ISO 3834-2;2007 standard requirements by AZIS Mining Service Sp. z o.o. Quality requirements of metal welding – Part 2: Full quality requirements. The certification is valid from 24 September 2014 to 23 September 2019.