Services offered by The Czech branch

AZIS Mining Service organizacni slożka – 735 64 Havirov – Postredni Sucha 883

Services offered by the branch:

  1. Permanent service of underground central air conditioning devices with power over 10 MW.
  2. Service of stationary devices – SIEMAG pressure sluices – cooling systems in underground workings.
  3. Installation, dismantling, reconstruction of whole or part of underground cooling systems in active faces of longwall and headings being driven.
  4. Service, replacement or repair of control, visualisation and recording system devices / measurement nodes, cables, pipelines, gate valves, cooling water parameter meter, air coolers, filters etc./ which are component parts of underground cooling systems.
  5. Installation of all pipeline types to transfer media in underground workings.
  6. Installation of electrical power engineering systems such as: department and field distributors, cables and wires in underground workings.
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