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Container nitrogen generator WA-700

Kontenerowa wytwornica azotu WA-700

container nitrogen generator type PSA is designed for continuous
generation of nitrogen of purity min. 97%, with flow rate 700Nm3/h and
pressure 6-8 bars from atmospheric air.

Atmospheric air drawn by
the generator is compressed, cleaned and dried, then directed to two
nitrogen generators working alternately, where oxygen and nitrogen are
separated. The nitrogen obtained this way is pumped through a buffer
tank to the receiving system, and the oxygen is released into the air
outside the container.

The device is maintenance-free, and all the processes can be observed with the use of a complicated visualisation system.

nitrogen generator WA-700 is based on a container appropriately adapted
to mounting, operation and maintenance of component units of the

The generator consists of the following main systems: compressed air generation, nitrogen generation, power supply and control.

  1. The compressed air generation system consists of:
  • 4 screw compressors,
  • air reservoir,
  • cleaning devices,
  • dryer with set of filters,
  • air intake.
  1. The nitrogen generation system consists of:
  • 2 nitrogen generators,
  • nitrogen tank.
  1. The system of power supply and control consists of:
  • power cubicle,
  • control cabinet,
  • valve system,
  • flowmeters,
  • heating and lighting of the container.

Nitrogen capacity [Nm3/h]700 +-7%
Purity [%]min. 97
Nitrogen outlet pressure [bar]≥6
Power demand [kW]240
Working temperature range [st.C]-20 do +40
Supply voltage [V]400
ATTENTION! Optional transformer station [V]500/400

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