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Over 30 years of experience in mining

Fire prevention

Inertisation of underground abandoned workings and zones isolated with air-tight walls by means of gas nitrogen from a container nitrogen generator, and the reduction of coal self-heating tendency by the deactivation of its surface mean the safety of mining plant operation.

Transport systems

Safe and efficient transport of winning, materials and equipment by applying innovative solutions that reduce the amount of labour and additional equipment.

Mining services

Mining work relating to driving and rebuilding of mining headings, assembly of technological piping and underground transport lines, as well as mounting and maintenance of underground air conditioning systems.

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Fire prevention

GCA Mining nitrogen refrigerating unit

GCA Mining nitrogen refrigerating unit

The GCA Mining nitrogen refrigerating unit is designed to be used in underground workings of coal mines, in workings of ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ level of methane explosion hazard and in workings of "A" or "B" class of coal dust explosion hazard

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Container nitrogen generator WA-700

The container nitrogen generator type PSA is designed for continuous generation of nitrogen of purity min. 97%, with flow rate 700Nm3/h and pressure 6-8 bars from atmospheric air.

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Modular mixer type MP

The modular mixer type MP is designed for preparation of aqueous mixture of A and B components of foamed mining inhibitor SIG-1.

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Foamed mining inhibitor SIG-1

The main task of SIG-1 is the reduction of coal self-heating tendency by the deactivation of its surface, and thereby the extension of fire incubation period.

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Underground group air conditioning

We have great experience in construction, modernisation, reconstruction and maintenance of air conditioning systems in coal mines in Poland and the Czech Republic

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Transport systems


Platform for transporting gutters

The platform is intended for transporting pans of armoured face conveyors underground from the surface of a coal mine, between levels in a coal mine and on tracks both in underground workings and on the surface.

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Containerisation of materials and winning transport

Transport system of materials with "AZIS Mining Service" Sp. z o.o. material and winning containers and containers for arch lining transport enables easy transfer of materials by various means of transport without the need for unloading.

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Chainless device for advancing BSL units BISUP – W/1, W/2

The BISUP-W device is designed for reconstruction of BSL units, including scraper conveyors in whole along with the face advance. Its simple construction and pull force can be also utilised in pulling and transporting machines and devices of heavy weights.

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Beam Stage Loader (BSL) unit AZIS-1200

The beam stage loader unit AZIS-1200 is designed for haulage of winning from longwalls with high production performance and subsequently passing it to a coaxially laid belt conveyor. The construction of the BSL unit is based on scraper conveyor subassemblies of technically approved and certified construction, such as a driving set, pans, and a combined belt conveyor turning station, mounted on a specially adapted supporting structure.

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Self-advancing device for replacing discharge drive of AFC SUPEN W/F

The SUPEN W/F device is designed for continuous AFC discharge drive advance along with the face advance.

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Individual centrally powered hydraulic pro "AZIS"

Individual, centrally powered hydraulic props manufactured by “AZIS” – Mining Service Sp. z o.o. are designed for supporting workings in underground mining plants.

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