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Modular mixer type MP

Mieszalnik modułowy typu MP

The modular mixer type MP is designed for preparation of aqueous mixture of A and B components of foamed mining inhibitor SIG-1.

In module I (preliminary) aqueous solutions of component A are prepared – bentonit specjal..

In module II (final) aqueous solution of component A is mixed with component B, then after mixing the mixture is directed to pump system through a valve set, and then through the hose line to the point of foaming and feeding.

The mixer MP consists of modules I – preliminary and II – final connected with a hose DN50.

The preliminary module consists of the following components:

  • cylindrical tank with removable lids,
  • centrifugal pump,
  • 7.5 kW electric motor,
  • water shut-off valve with erasable measuring counter,
  • flame-proof switch,
  • control panel,
  • valve and hose system.

The final module consists of:

  • tank with lids: non-removable and adjustable with open/close sensor,
  • 1.1 kW motor with gear,
  • mixer,
  • valve system for mixture dumping,
  • platform.

Technical specification (module I)
Length [mm]1435
Width [mm]1340
Height [mm]1590
Weight [kg]445
Nominal capacity [l]350
Motor power / voltage [kW/V]7,5/500/1000
Technical specification (module II)
Length [mm]1180
Width [mm]1420
Height [mm]1475
Weight [kg]455
Nominal capacity [l]1000
Motor power / voltage [kW/V]1,1/500/1000

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