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Platform for transporting gutters


The platform is intended for transporting pans of armoured face conveyors underground from the surface of a coal mine, between levels in a coal mine and on tracks both in underground workings and on the surface. The platform enables safe transport of two pans 1500 mm long connected longitudinally at a time , or a single line pan 1500-1900 long without the need to use additional elements like chains, bolts, locks etc. Loading and unloading of line pans can be done by means of hoisting and power winches of an adequate lifting capacity, commonly used in coal mines.
The platform has GM-30/14 permit issued by State Mining Authority to be used in underground workings of coal mines, in methane and non-methane fields, in workings of levels ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ methane explosion hazard and in workings of class A or B coal dust explosion hazard .


Technical specification:
Length without connecting pull rods3290 [+60, -10] mm
Width912mm or 1060mm
Height1290 mm
wheelbase1000 mm
Platform weight800 +/-15 kg
carrying capacity60 kN
track spacing750 or 900 mm

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