Mining Services

driving underground workings:

  • driving stone galleries (stone drifts),,
  • driving coal and coal/rock galleries (inclined drifts, rise galleries, ventilating roads),
  • driving rooms (technological recesses, cellars for mechanical devices installation).

relining of workings:

  • relining of workings with flitching and roof ripping,
  • lining mounting in the existing neat lines of a working,
  • lining reinforcement with steel or timber elements,
  • applying reinforcing cement coatings.

application of winning haulage methods and material supply by suspended railways and self-dumping containers.

design and installation of “ready to use” cooling systems of underground workings of power up to 15 mw:

  • installation design for a given geological conditions based on the existing diagram of a potential ventilation network,
  • supply of devices and materials necessary for design development based on the order,
  • installation of refrigerating units, pipe networks, air coolers and evaporative coolers,
  • preparation of workings for the installation of refrigerating units and evaporative coolers.

installation and dismantling of winning and material transport devices in underground workings:

  • installation and dismantling of AFCs,
  • installation and dismantling of BSL units,
  • installation and dismantling of belt conveyors of all types,
  • installation and dismantling of diesel and cable suspended railways,
  • installation and dismantling of rack-and-pinion and cable-driven floor railways.

installation and dismantling of pipelines:

  • installation and dismantling of all types of pipelines of diameters up to 500mm.

sale of preinsulated and flanged tubes:

  • completion of orders in accordance with a diameter and length ordered within a fixed period.

repair of underground means of transport of winning and materials:

  • repair of toothed gears,
  • repair of AFC elements,
  • repair of drives of cable-driven suspended railways.

regeneration of mining input materials:

  • renovation of lining elements (profiling a straight lining),
  • renovation of runners and runner brackets of belt conveyors.

providing technical and operation facilities for underground transport teams.

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