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Nitrogen generators WA 700, WA 850, WA 1400

The nitrogen generator WA-700 is based on a container appropriately adapted to mounting, operation and maintenance of component units of the generator.

The generator consists of the following main systems: compressed air generation, nitrogen generation, power supply and control.

1. The compressed air generation system consists of:

  • 4 screw compressors,
  • air reservoir,
  • cleaning devices,
  • dryer with set of filters,
  • air intake.

2. The nitrogen generation system consists of:

3. The system of power supply and control consists of:

  • power cubicle,
  • control cabinet,
  • valve system,
  • flowmeters,
  • heating and lighting of the container.
Technical parameters/ModelWA 700WA 850WA 1400
Nitrogen capacity [Nm3/h]700 +-7%850 ±5%≥1400 ±5%
Purity [%]min. 97min. 97min. 97
Nitrogen outlet pressure [bar]≥6≥6≥ 6,5±7%
Power demand [kW]240240440
Working temperature range [st.C]-20 to +40-20 to +40-20 to +40
Supply voltage [V]400400400
ATTENTION! Optional transformer station [V]500/400500/400500/400
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