Nitrogen generators PSA N2 generation system

We are a manufacturer of nitrogen generators and nitrogen generators, which are among the most modern devices of this type in the world. Our nitrogen generators are a device for the continuous production of nitrogen of high and stable purity in the gaseous state Nitrogen generators we have equipped with components from global manufacturers, combined with a modern control system guarantee failure-free and maintenance-free operation of the system.

Our nitrogen generators and nitrogen generators have advanced control and measurement systems, whose task is to continuously monitor the operating parameters of each component. Service personnel have the ability to control the nitrogen generator directly or remotely via GPRS link. They can switch the generator into automatic cycle mode. They can switch on and off individual devices included in the generator, as well as carry out regulation of nitrogen transfer.

The modern technology of obtaining nitrogen from atmospheric air, used in the nitrogen generator we manufacture, guarantees the continuous supply of a product of the highest quality and constant parameters, which has made it successfully used in fire prevention in mines in Europe and around the world. We also supply our solutions to companies in various industries.

Nitrogen generators PSA

The PSA type nitrogen generator is designed for continuous production of nitrogen with a purity of min. 97% at an output of 700Nm3/h and a pressure of 6-8 bar from atmospheric air. We make it possible to individually adjust the parameters of nitrogen generators and generator and its design to the customer's needs and requirements.

The atmospheric air taken by the nitrogen generator is compressed, purified and dried, and then directed to 2 nitrogen generators working alternately, where oxygen and nitrogen are separated. The resulting nitrogen is pumped through a buffer tank to the receiving system, while oxygen is returned to the air outside the container.

The unit operates unmanned, and the occurring processes can be observed by means of an extensive visualization system.

How N2 PSA nitrogen generators are built

The nitrogen generator is built on the basis of a container suitably adapted for the installation, operation and servicing of the equipment comprising the generator. The unit includes the following main systems: compressed air production, nitrogen production, power supply and control.

1. Air production system consists of:

  • 4 screw compressors,
  • air tank,
  • purification equipment,
  • A dryer with a set of filters,
  • air intake.

2. Nitrogen production system consists of:

  • 2 nitrogen generators,
  • nitrogen tank.

3. Power and control system consists of:

  • power supply cabinet,
  • control cabinet,
  • valve system,
  • flow meters,
  • heating and lighting of the container.
nitrogen generator
Technical parameters/ModelWA 700WA 850WA 1400
Nitrogen capacity [m3/h]700 +-7%850 m3/h ±5%≥1400 m3/h ±5%
Purity [%]min. 97min. 97min. 97
Nitrogen outlet pressure [bar]≥6≥6≥ 6,5±7%
Power demand [kW]240240440
Working temperature range [st.C]-20 to +40-20 to +40-20 to +40
Supply voltage [V]400400400
ATTENTION! Optional transformer station [V]500/400500/400500/400

Nitrogen generators - how they can help you

Nitrogen generators are a more efficient and safer replacement for other traditional methods such as nitrogen cylinders. Compared to other methods, nitrogen generators provide great convenience for daily use and extensive functionality.

Our fire protection products are used wherever reliability is extremely important. That's why our nitrogen generators are equipped with the highest quality components and are designed to ensure long life and reliability in even the toughest conditions.

What are the further benefits of using nitrogen generators and nitrogen generators compared to other methods:

  • saving time, space and costs
  • simple and intuitive operation of the nitrogen generator (directly or remotely via GPRS connection)
  • safety and reliability
  • constant high quality and repeatability of parameters
  • we do not have to bear the constant costs of buying or renting cylinders or tanks, because we generate all the necessary nitrogen ourselves
  • independence from price changes and availability on the market
  • low operating cost
  • high space saving - there is no need to store tanks or a large number of cylinders, which are empty after use - they still take up space and do not generate nitrogen
  • elimination of tedious and repetitive logistic and transport processes associated with cylinders

Nitrogen generation system

As a long-time manufacturer of nitrogen generators and nitrogen generators, in addition to producing top-quality products, we also provide a full support package from technical advice to installation, operation training, service.

The use of advanced nitrogen generators means efficient nitrogen generation. You will reduce losses associated with processes such as evaporation, which is caused by the fact that tanks and cylinders that store nitrogen for a long time, cannot be perfectly one hundred percent thermally insulated. This leads to heating, vaporization of the liquid and discharge of the gas to the atmosphere through a safety valve that prevents, to avoid too high a pressure in a given tank.

A nitrogen generator based on the PSA method uses a tightly packed pressurized CMS (carbon molecular sieve) material to produce nitrogen. This material allows it to absorb oxygen from the compressed air, leaving high-purity nitrogen. Our nitrogen generator can be used in harsh environments.

Where there is not enough compressed air or adequate pressure, our 4 powerful screw compressors will work well, to produce compressed air. It is then dried using our purification equipment and dryer, along with a filter unit that takes care of delivering the highest quality air that feeds the nitrogen generator.

Engineers with over 25 years of experience

We offer modern and proven solutions developed on the basis of many years of experience and extensive technical knowledge of our engineering staff.

Robust workmanship and safety

We provide long-life solutions and products that are robust and durable and, above all, improve safety at work.

Advice and individual approach

Our engineers and automation experts are at your disposal at every stage of your project to provide the best possible solution tailored to your needs.


Inerting with a PSA nitrogen generator

An important element in the application of fire prevention in longwall caving in underground mines is the inerting of the atmosphere using nitrogen. Our nitrogen generators are used to produce and inject nitrogen into mine workings as well as for use in enterprises in various industries and unmanned facilities.

The inerting process is used for effective fire protection and prevention. By controlling the amount of oxygen that is present in a given environment, we can prevent the formation and maintenance of combustion reactions. We use nitrogen, a gas that has the best inert properties. Since its density is close to that of air, our nitrogen generators can spread nitrogen faster.

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