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Foamed mining inhibitor SIG-1


The main task of SIG-1 is the reduction of coal self-heating tendency by the deactivation of its surface, and thereby the extension of fire incubation period.
It is used for:

  • preventing fire hazard in active longwall workings,
  • sealing longwall workings that are to be closed down,
  • sealing of galleries in the points of coal seams crossing,
  • sealing of temporary and permanent isolation stoppings.

It can be used in underground workings of coal mines in workings of levels ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ methane explosion hazard.

SIG-1 is a class 4 inhibitor of coal self-heating process according to the classification developed in Central Mining Institute (GIG).

SIG-1 was researched and tested multidimensionally. The tests showed that foam generated is non-flammable, non-toxic, and is not prone to electrification and electrostatic charge accumulation. It does not has a negative effect on the functioning sensors of carbon monoxide monitoring and automatic methane monitoring.

SIG-1 was assessed positively by Department of Toxicology and Risk Assessment of National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene, attestation no. PZH/HT-2611/2012, and has a certificate issued by certification body of Central Mining Institute (GIG) no. B/2237/2011.

Products for the production of SIG-1 are:

  • component A – bentonit specjal,
  • component B – anti-pyrogenic and foaming solution,
  • water,
  • compressed air or nitrogen.

Aqueous mixture of components A and B is prepared in the modular mixer MP, and then through the hose line and feed pump it is pumped to the foaming device mounted in the point of SIG-1 application, where the mixture is foamed and ejected by means of compressed air or nitrogen.

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